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If you experience any health problems and doctors write out more and more prescriptions, you pay more and more for tablets and pills of foreign manufacture but still do not feel better! At last you are offered a surgical intervention, usually not for free either, and said that the chances are 50 x 50.

If you are familiar with all these and tired of endless analyses and queues to doctor’s offices, we offer you some new methods of rehabilitation using quantum therapy and vacuum massage devices.

Devices of Pankov Medical LLC production, HOME DOCTOR series

What should be paid attention to before buying our devices?

Sight Recovery Rainbow
(Pankov’s glasses)
АМVО-01 device
(Sidorenko’s glasses)
HARMONY ophthalmic
phototherapy device
Pankov’s bracelet
Pankov’s Balsam

How is the therapeutic effect achieved using our devices for treatment of different diseases and why do the illnesses recede?

Features and advantages of Professor O.P. Pankov’s Sight Recovery Rainbow device
интервью по применению с к.м.н. Николаевой Г.В.
Аппарат массажный - вакуумные очки
интервью по применению с д.м.н., и профессором Сидоренко Е.И.

Features and advantages of Professor O.P. Pankov’s Sight Recovery Rainbow device

Pankov Medical develops and introduces devices based on the current achievements of Russian and foreign scientists in laser and quantum therapy (treatment by light of different color and intensity).

Unlike traditional medical science the aim of which is often just to eliminate the symptoms or results of any abnormality rather than to find the seeds of the disease, our devices have a positive impact on the majority of human body systems, the disturbance of which causes illnesses.

Our quantum therapy and vacuum massage devices are useful for treatment of the following body systems:

sensory system and visual organs
cardiovascular system
immune system
endocrine system
lymphatic system
musculoskeletal system

Many well-known and honored scientists and doctors are among the authors and co-authors of our devices.

One of them is ophthalmologist, academician of Laser Academy of Sciences, author of popular books such as “Killing Glasses”, “Sight Recovery Rainbow” and many others – Prof. Pankov Oleg Pavlovich.

Another equally famous and respected Russian scientist, professor, RAMS correspondent member, President of Association of Children’s Ophthalmologists of Russia is Sidorenko Yevgeny Ivanovich, M.D.

If you need more information about new methods of health recovery and the use of our devices, if you want to feel the positive effect of quantum therapy and vacuum massage, we invite you to our office.

Москва, Литовский бульвар, д. 15 корпус 1, подъезд 7, офис XII. Если у Вас нет возможности посетить наш офис, Вы можете позвонить по телефонам:
+7 (495) 427-21-77, +7 (495) 981-46-78, +7 (495) 720-42-71
и получить консультацию специалиста, по применению наших приборов

All our devices are approved for use by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and all the registration documents required are available. We provide long-term (1-3 year) warranty for our products. We also provide doctor’s advice to our clients by phone if any questions concerning the use of the devices or treatment methods arise.

We’ll be happy to help you solve your health problems!

Please note than the devices by PANKOV MEDICAL LLC,  (including Recovery Rainbow ophthalmic phototherapy device) ) are for individual home use; for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, including eye diseases, but before using them the patient MUST consult an ophthalmologist. This concerns especially people suffering from eye diseases.


Отзывы о продукции

Отзыв после применения АМВО-01 (Очки Сидоренко) у ребенка с косоглазием и амблиопией

otzyv3c2Моему ребенку 7 лет. Несколько лет лечим нашу девочку от КОСОГЛАЗИЯ, БЛИЗОРУКОСТИ и АМБЛИОПИИ. 2-3 раза в год проходим курс лечения в специализированной поликлинике.

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